PUREMIX Tracking Rock With Vance Powell

PUREMIX Tracking Rock With Vance Powell

Getting a hard hitting, thick, and punchy rock track doesn’t just come together in the mix, it starts with a vision and sonic direction from an experienced producer and engineer. Recorded live at Sputnik Sound in Nashville, Tennessee, Vance Powell teaches you the tricks he has developed over decades of live sound and studio gigs.

Four time Grammy winner Vance Powell explains his entire recording and production process and details how he sets up a tracking session for the band Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown. Learn tips and tricks to use for recording drums, bass, guitars and vocals on any project.

Vance’s signature sound is all about committing to compression, distortion and embracing bleed to create a cohesive and rockin sound.

Watch how a session happens in real time, step by step, and hear before and after comparisons as Vance explains:

Placing the drums and amps in the room for optimal bleed
Microphone placement on drums, bass, guitars, and vocals
Tracking workflow using SSL console and external preamps
How to nail a great sounding balance with the faders all at 0
Checking phase coherence between multiple microphones
Adding compression, distortion, and EQ to mics during the tracking session
Using creative routing and parallel processing during the tracking process
Adding guitar pedals as effect sends
Setting up headphone cue mixes
Producing a song without a click track
Recording lead vocals with effects “to tape”

Learn how to produce and record a band with one of the biggest names in rock music.

Subtitles are included

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