ADSR Sounds The Complete Guide To DS AUDIO THORN

ADSR Sounds The Complete Guide To DS AUDIO THORN

Every once in a while a new synth comes out that unlocks new and unique sonic possibilities.

Providing a user friendly approach to Spectral Synthesis, THORN is capable of classic synth sounds like supersaws, sub basses, growls, Moog inspired basses and so much more. It’s also a playground for inventive and interesting sounds.

In this course, Echo Sound Works takes you through every feature, knob, and slider in Thorn while demonstrating killer sound design tips and tricks.

DS Audio’s THORN generated a ton of buzz at the end of 2017 for all the right reasons.

Spectral synthesis is more complex than general VA synthesis or even Wavetable synthesis, but once you master it, you can control almost every aspect and detail of any sound.

This course is over 4 hours long and is broken up into 21 easily navigated sections

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