PUREMIX Mixing Rock With Vance Powell

PUREMIX Mixing Rock With Vance Powell

Grammy winner Vance Powell walks you through his entire mixing process, taking his production from a great sounding rough to a finished mix using his SSL console.

Learn Vance’s mixing philosophy and tricks that help him achieve a killer mix quickly and his workflow secrets that give him a flexible sonic palette to work from on every mix.

Whether you work in or out of the box, this tutorial is your chance to see how a Nashville legend approaches the mix from not only the technical point of view but also adds creativity and energy to the song Aftershock by Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown.

In this tutorial you’ll learn how Vance:

Sets up and aligns his console’s gain stage so his starting point give him the maximum flexibility later on
Uses effects sends and busses to route audio to parallel processing as well as reverb and delays
EQ and compression settings that add attack and life to drums and guitars
Sends certain tracks off to the “magic bus” for enhanced stereo processing and tone
Combines clean and overdriven vocals to give Tyler’s vocal the perfect amount of bite and presence to pop through the mix
Pro Tools tricks to help his tracks hit the console in just the right way
Tweaking the phase alignment of the bass amp and DI tracks
Automation passes using the SSL console's VCA automation computer
Monitoring level advice for various stages of the mix to give him the energy and details he needs to hear without ear fatigue
Mix bus processing and taking the time to compare the API 2500 to the SSL Bus compressors
Tweaking the mix with the band and preparing alternate mixes for mastering

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