PUREMIX Vocal Production and Guitar Solos With Vance Powell

PUREMIX Vocal Production and Guitar Solos With Vance Powell

Between the tracking session and the mixing session is the often overlooked editing and production process that adds the finishing touches and details that can make a song stand out.

Every producer and engineer needs to help guide artists towards a cohesive vision for their records. Grammy winner Vance Powell works with the band Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown to add layers of vocals, guitar overdubs and create the final song arrangement together at his studio Sputnik Sound in Nashville, TN.

Vance demonstrates and explains his strategies for:

Vocal comping, working line by line, take by take, to make a good performance great
Recording background vocals to make the arrangement even more dynamic
Using Vocalign on the vocal doubles for a wide and tight sound
Special effects processing including reverse reverb, distortion, and delays
Crafting the perfect guitar solo tone from the comfort of the control room
Vance’s special “spin fader” trick using analog delay

Learn how to give a song both polish and attitude with clever production touches that take the record from sounding good to feeling incredible!

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