PUREMIX Inside the Mix Red Hot Chili Peppers with Andrew Scheps

PUREMIX Inside the Mix Red Hot Chili Peppers with Andrew Scheps

This is your chance to see how Grammy-winning engineer/producer Andrew Scheps mixed the legendary rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers' song Pink as Floyd.

Learn how a multi-platinum mix engineer collaborated with the band and producer Rick Rubin to record and mix the group in both large-format studios and home studios.

Hear how he captured the band’s characteristically funky and energetic vibe then translated that into a punchy and finished mix. Andrew teaches you how he applies and adapts his mix template to craft the mix quickly with dynamics and vibe.

Andrew dissects his final mixing session and shows you how to:

Combine close mics, overheads, and room mics to create a cohesive sound to the drums as one instrument
Use shared compression for a night and day difference on the drum tone and add dynamics to the entire arrangement
Take a mix from sounding "awesome" to sounding "finished"
Setup mix bus processing to do more with less in terms of processing
Get Flea's signature bass tone using a combination of mics and DI
Make acoustic and electric guitars sit perfectly in the mix
Use both subtractive and additive EQ to enhance the sound of individual tracks
Add creative special effects to spice up the bridge and take it into a new space
Keep the Anthony Kiedis’ lead vocals sounding present and powerful even when the mix is dense and layered
Judge and tweak the gain stage the entire mix based on the 2 bus compressor
Use stereo width manipulation with hard panning to make a great stereo image in headphones and speakers alike

Pick up dozens of tips and tricks from Andrew's decades of experience and learn the process and mixing system he uses on one of the most successful bands ever.

BONUS: Download the exercise files and practice mixing the song for yourself! The artist and their label were gracious enough to allow pureMixers the chance to try their hand at mixing a portion of the song using the same raw multitrack stems Andrew mixed. Put your skills to the test and apply some of your new found techniques.

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