ADSR Courses Mastering and Mixing with T-Racks 5

ADSR Courses Mastering and Mixing with T-Racks 5

Versatile, powerful and affordable, T-Racks has made its name making mixing and mastering accessible to audio engineers of every level.

Mastering and Mixing with T-RackS 5 is an 8-part video course that walks you through the essentials of finishing a track using the latest features of IK Multimedias, T-RackS 5 including the controls and general functionality as well as all the new features recently released in the latest version.


Learn how to mix, master and export your tracks making the most out of the features of T-RackS 5

In this 8-part video course, Jonny Strinati demonstrates a wide range of mixing and mastering techniques.

Starting with a refresher on basic concepts, features and functions you will progress through a series of creative approaches showing you how to use T-RackS 5 productively to achieve a professional sounding master.

You’ll be introduced to all the essential features of the software and explore interesting ways to apply both new and old functions to start inspiring your productions straight away.

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