Udemy Play Modern Blues Now Gutar Course by Steve Stine

Udemy Play Modern Blues Now Gutar Course by Steve Stine

Play Modern Blues Now is an practical modern blues or “fusion" course taught by Steve Stine,
Professor of Modern Guitar Studies at North Dakota State University.

You'll learn everything you need to know to become a complete, well-rounded guitarist who can…

Learn techniques and tricks to create sounds you only hear in Fusion Blues
Develop your own unique style and signature sound
Apply and play almost immediately using Steve Stine's fun and practical approach to teaching guitar.

Start from the blues basics like the 12-bar blues and I-IV-V progression and move on to learn advance tricks and techniques like:

Adding the 9th and 6th scale extension to spice up your sound
The hybrid and dominant pentatonic scale
Shape bending technique and parallel key soloing to add a subtle "kick" to your solos
The altered dominant scale and half diminished scale to give your solos an edgy, moody feel
Chromatics and arpeggios
How to always play with interesting rhythm elements
Vocal techniques like slides, bends and vibrato
Guitar elements (whammy bar, double stops, open strings, string skipping)
and much much more...

If you're an intermediate guitar player looking to build a fresh unique sound to your playing then this course is for you!

What are the requirements?

Basic mastery of the guitar, chords and some scales

What am I going to get from this course?

Learn to play modern or "fusion" blues and crank out mind-boggling solos every guitarist wishes they could play - but never do!

What is the target audience?

This is NOT a beginner’s course and some basic foundation and understanding of the guitar is necessary.

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