Groove3 Logic Pro X Maximize Manage and Command

Groove3 Logic Pro X Maximize Manage and Command

Ready to become a Logic Pro X super hero? Pro Producer Chris Herrera delivers and incredible video tutorial series covering the best ways to learn when watching tutorials, how to manage sample libraries, and better use Logic’s Channel Strips, Plug-In Manager, Key Commands, as well as powerful Sound Design Workflows!

Chris begins with an introduction welcoming you and explaining what this series is all about, and what it will do for you when using Logic Pro X.

Next, Chris presents eye-opening practices you can use when watching and studying video tutorials. See how to implement simple but effective ways to maximize your time when learning.

Sample Management is next, and with today’s often huge libraries, things can get out of hand quickly. See how to access and manage your libraries quickly and easily using Chris’s techniques.

Repeating and re-setting up commonly used settings just doesn’t makes sense. See how you can utilize Logic’s Channel Strip settings and Plug-In Manager to do all the hard work, making your production life much easier.

Moving on, Chris now gives you some great Key Command videos that are guaranteed to speed up your Logic Pro X workflow and boost your creativeness, making for better tracks and productions.

Wrapping it all up, Chris gives you helpful ideas and techniques when experimenting with sound design in Logic Pro X. See how to do your own shootouts in Logic, so you can decide on the best plug-in or settings, or to train your ears. Also see how to export regions, stems or sections for more detailed work, freeing up your main session’s CPU and processing power.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for detailed info. If you’re a Logic Pro X user, this series is a must have. Get the most out of your learning time and see how to better manage and command your DAW… Watch “Logic Pro X - Maximize, Manage & Command” today!

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