789ten DubVision Progressive House Techniques V.2

789ten DubVision Progressive House Techniques V.2

Watch DubVision produce LIVE!

In this studio session, watch DubVision walk into the 789ten studio once again and create the most in depth tutorial we have seen from them yet. After a 2 hour + session, they left us with the progressive house banger you hear in the trailer.

This studio session provides a close up look into DubVision’s musical decision making process on mixing, arranging, composition, sound selection and sound manipulation.
After countless releases on the top labels in dance music, the name DubVision has become synonymous with Progressive House. Their productions have a consistent standard of extremely high quality and phenomenal songwriting. With millions upon millions of plays on well-known tracks such as “I Found Your Heart”, “Hollow”, and “Satellites”, there is so much to learn from these guys; not to mention, they are a blast to hang out with in the studio.

Like many producers, DubVision has their own instrument racks and go-to samples. To keep up the pace in this studio session we listened to YOUR feedback and asked the guys to combine some of their pre made sounds combined with unscripted sound selection, on the fly mixing, composition and production decisions.

To be clear, (for example) the synth layering technique they show in this demonstration is choosing the RIGHT presets and adjusting them to taste. Some of the presets are chosen live and spontaneously, some were preselected in advance to keep the pace of the tutorial up.

They were extremely generous in sharing so many of their production secrets and methods in detail.

Key moments of the creative process captured live on film!
This type of learning experience cannot be manufactured or pre planned. Those spontaneous “I think the track needs ____ “ moments are what make a tutorial that incorporates live production truly unique.

It is like being in the studio with DubVision watching over their shoulder as they create.

DubVision builds a rough concept into a full fledged progressive house breakdown, build up and drop.

What you will learn in the DubVision style:

•Sound Selection
•Reverb Design
•Mixing and FX
•Build up automation tricks
•Sound Design by manipulating and layering presets and samples
•The composition and layering up of a powerful drop
•Detailed Audio Manipulation
•Arrangement Techniques and Tricks
•Adding interest to a track in the DubVision style!

Host DAW: Ableton Live 9

Main 3rd party plugins used: Sylenth, Massive, Waves Meta Flanger, Camel Crusher, Xfer OTT, FabFilter Pro Q 2, FabFilter Pro L, ACE Synth, Nexus 2, Fabfilter Saturn, Sonalksis Creative Filter, Schaack Transient Shaper 2, Vengeance Avenger, Sound Toys Crystallizer, NI Maschine

The heart of this tutorial is not about having the exact same tools, it is about how to put ideas together and make it work. These techniques apply to using similar tools in your DAW and plugin set.

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