Groove3 Mastering with Ozone 8

Groove3 Mastering with Ozone 8

Pro music producer and engineer Laurence Holcombe takes you on a mastering journey with iZotope Ozone 8! See and hear how Ozone 8 can be used in numerous different ways to improve your mixes, as well as see it in action, mastering a wide variety of different genres of music.

Larry starts by welcoming you and introduces what you’ll be doing in the video series, and also talks a little about the philosophy of mastering and track evaluation.

Next, Larry hits the ground running and shows you how to evaluate the tonal balance of the mix using Ozone 8’s amazing Tonal Balance Control, and then covers the different options and views found in Ozone 8.

You’ll then explore how to use Mastering Assistant to automatically master your track and look at the different parameters available for this process, as well as how to setup for Referencing and EQ Matching.

Larry also covers in detail Codecs & Mono Compatibly, the Spectral Shaper, how to fix a dull and lifeless mix, Controlling Frequency Density, the different Vintage Tools, Balancing Using the Dynamics Module and much more.

Wrapping it up, Larry gives you full mastering videos on how he masters different genres such as Tech House, Disco House, Pop, Rock, and a Singer / Songwriter type track.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you want to really understand mastering with Ozone 8, this series is a no-brainer… Watch “Mastering with Ozone 8” today!

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