Bassgorilla Neurohop In FL Studio With Audeka

Bassgorilla Neurohop In FL Studio With Audeka

Watch Audeka reveal their closely guarded secrets to create an insanely nasty Neurohop track from start to finish

What Results You Can Expect From This Course

After watching this course:

You'll know some solid fundamentals in creating bass music

You'll know how to compose professional sounding drums that punch through the mix and make a statement.

You'll know how to play with arrangements to create interesting and exciting moments in your track

You'll discover how to granulize samples to create a huge variety of sounds

You'll discover how to streamline your workflow with tips and shortcuts to create new ideas and sounds

Audeka is a trio that enjoys experimenting with bass sounds and different vibes. They have produced from glitch hop horns to movie sounding scores to obliterating spell casting necromancers.

The past 5 years was non-stop chicken sandwich and coffee consuming production hours of new ideas. Most of the time was trial and error but always attempting to achieve better sounds and building off of one other’s ideas.

Audeka was featured multiple times on Noisia radio and released with a very talented group on Methlab Recordings. Where their first album was released ‘Lost Souls’ that comes with storytelling artwork.

Audeka continues to push the envelope of bass music to a more technical and artistic form.

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