Bassgorilla 140 BPM Neuro With Joe Ford

Bassgorilla 140 BPM Neuro With Joe Ford

Swipe and deploy the exact sound design, arrangement and mixing secrets of a chart smashing neuro producer. Guaranteed to elevate your neuro production skills to a whole new level!

Create your own twisting neuro basses that will blow your listener’s mind!

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

- Design authentic and dynamic sounds for all tempos of neuro music - from creepy lead synths to haunting pads, to hard-hitting kicks and snares - this course shows you how to design every type of sound you’ll need to create a neuro banger from scratch!

- Write captivating bass riffs, melodies, harmonies that deliver a highly emotional impact on your listener

- Create moments of anticipation and tension to keep your listener fully hooked and desperate to hear what’s gonna happen next as he becomes engrossed in your track

- Mixed and master your track to a pristine state of perfection for maximum impact, punch, size and clarity

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