PUREMIX Mastering Stylebook Vol.2

PUREMIX Mastering Stylebook Vol.2

Friedemann gives a detailed view over his shoulder when he applies a relative invasive strategy to rescue a singer/songwriter mix from sounding boxy.

First, he shows how to remove annoying ringing tones coming from the cymbals by using spectral restoration tool 'ReNovator' to prepare the mix for mastering.

With his multi-EQ approach he creates a balanced frequency distribution by using surgical and esthetical EQs in a complimentary manner to give some warmth back and add depth and width by employing 'wanted phase artifacts'.

With further enhancement tools he supports the vitality and creates more depth and unity, also by applying reverb.

Finally, Friedemann shows how to use single band compression and limiting - in conjunction with various metering strategies - to achieve loudness without destroying the dynamic integrity of the mix. You will learn how to interpret various new metering values like TPL, PLR, and LUFS in modern mastering practice.

This video is more than just a mastering sample for a specific task or genre: it gives a deep insight into Fridemann's personal working approach, especially when it comes to loudness-related decisions (which is - in most mastering situations - the case).

The workflow in Sequoia can easily be adapted to other common DAWs.

Friedemann has mastered for artists such as Alan Parsons, Steely Dan, Johnny Cash, Iron Maiden, is inventor of the Dynamic Range Meter and founder of the Mastering Academy.

Software used:

Sequoia Mastering DAW
Algorithmix ReNovator (Noise Removal)
Algorithmix PEQ Orange (surgical EQ)
UAD A800 Tape
UAD Pultec
UAD Massive Passive
Sonnox Transient Modulator
Algorithmix K-Stereo
UAD Ocean Way Reverb
Sonnox Limiter
Nugen MasterCheck

Hardware used:

SPL Tube Vitalizer

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