Groove3 Producing Tech House

Groove3 Producing Tech House

Electronic music Producer extraordinaire Laurence Holcombe shows you the secrets to making a realistic Tech House track from scratch. Using Logic and various 3rd party plug-ins, but applicable to any DAW, Larry reveals the steps to take to make a true Tech House production including all the staple sounds and arrangement conventions.

Larry starts with an introduction welcoming you and talks about the genre and what exactly you’ll be producing together. He then starts with the all-important Kick sound, crafting it using Kick 2 and various processors to make a bangin’ 909 kick.

Next, Larry continues and gets the Claps and Hats going, followed by extra drum hits, evolving the rhythms, and then focuses on creating a huge and dynamic Bass sound and part.

Larry now jumps on some mix duties, showing you how to EQ and Compress the various elements to create a cohesive drum part and groove. Reverb is then looked at and you’ll see how to tastefully apply it, creating space and width for your parts.

Jumping back to production, Larry walks you through adding the classic Chord sound of the genre, followed by Chopped Vocals, and adding some rolls and transitions. Next, you’ll see how Larry finishes the arrangement and then applies Parallel Compression. Wrapping it up, Larry gives the overall production some Mastering love to make it competitive in volume, while still keeping some of its life and dynamics.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you’re interested in producing Tech House, or just want to see another angle on making the genre, this is the series to watch. Checkout “Producing Tech House” today!

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