Pro Studio Live Heavy Rock Mix Deconstruction

Pro Studio Live Heavy Rock Mix Deconstruction

Music Producer and engineer Aidan will show you all the steps to get a Heavy Rock mix to a final mix stage. Check out many before and after comparisons with and without plugins, that way you can understand not only how but why he did those moves to achieve a great sound.

In this Episode:

-See how Aidan configures his Mixing template

-Aidan processing chain to achieve a great sound for: Drums, Bass, Guitars, and Vocals

- How he virtually gets rid of any bleed that is happening on the drum mics.

- A wide variety of Plug-ins he chooses to use to achieve such a great sounding mix

- How and why he sets up and organizes his Stereo Master Busses

- Shows some of his favorite Plug-in choices, and why he thinks you don’t have to spend hundreds of Dollars to find good plug-ins

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