Groove3 Mix Review with Bob Horn and Erik Reichers Episode 1

Groove3 Mix Review with Bob Horn and Erik Reichers Episode 1

Industry pro engineers, mixers and producers Bob Horn and Erik Reichers are pulling back the curtain, taking a home recordist’s non-pro mix and importing it side by side into their DAW, showing you in-detail how they would approach the mix in real-time, from start to finish. Get priceless tips and see where the improvements can be made and how to make them, creating a true professional, radio ready mix!

Shot in Pro Tools, but applicable to any DAW, Bob and Erik start by playing you the mix of the song “Pull Me Down” by Bob Goldberg, then discuss how they’ll approach the mix and hit the ground running starting with the Drums, crafting a killer drum tone.

After seeing them get the Drums sounding top-notch, they then move onto the Bass, Guitars, and Vocals, covering in-depth all the changes they would make and why, giving you a clear picture of how to best tweak and dial-in the perfect sound for each, all for the benefit of the overall mix.

Last but not least, Bob and Erik reveal the all-important Sub Group Busses and Master Bus, including how to set them up, and how and why to use specific processors and their settings. At the end, the difference is quite clear, and you’ll realize how the total is really the sum of all the small adjustments made along the way.

See the individual tutorial descriptions for more info. If you want to see how professional mix engineers take a non-pro mix and turn it into something special, checkout “Mix review with Bob Horn & Erik Reichers - Episode 1” today!

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