Bassgorilla Future House In Ableton Live With Cy Kosis

Bassgorilla Future House In Ableton Live With Cy Kosis

Future House In Ableton Live With Cy Kosis. Craft your own flawless Future House complete with fat and chunky drums, perfect vocals, and mind-blowing synths that will carry your track all the way to the dance floor!

This course will give you the knowledge and skills you need to:

- Differentiate Future House and it’s unique elements from other house sub-genres

- Manipulate Ableton like a seasoned pro

- Create fat and chunky drum beats

- Prevent your track from being plagued by low-frequency muddiness and rumble

- Generate a genuine and authentic instrumental sound

- Take any vocal sample and make it conform seamlessly to your beat

- Produce mesmerizing build ups and unforgettable drops

- Bring out the warmth, flare, and life in your bass without compromising your drum’s positioning in the song

- Train your ear to catch the slightest bits of clipping, distortion, and other unwanted audio effects that distinguish a beginner’s track from an expert’s

- Produce your very own polished and professional Future House track

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