Lynda Learning Reason 9

Lynda Learning Reason 9

Learn the basics of Reason 9, the professional-grade DAW, from setup and recording to mixing and mastering. Matt Piper shows how to configure the preferences, use the file browser, and get comfortable with the various windows and views. Next, he moves into recording music, showing how to record audio and software instrument tracks, create beats, sample audio, use REX loops, and record automation. Then it's time for editing, using tools such as quantization, pitch correction, time stretching, tempo and time signature automation, and the Comp Editor. Matt also demos mixing techniques, such as setting panning and volume levels; using EQ, compression, gates and sidechain compression; setting up effects sends; and creating parallel channels for compression. Finally, he demonstrates how to use the mastering tools in Reason, as well as how to prep a mix to give to a mastering engineer and how to export stems for collaborative purposes.

Topics include:

•Recording audio and virtual instrument tracks in Reason 9
•Loop recording
•Creating synth lines
•Making beats with loops and the sequencer
•Editing audio
•Correcting pitch
•Automating tempo and time signature
•Mixing tracks in Reason
•Master the final recording

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