Udemy Your First 10 Guitar Lessons Learn how to play guitar

Udemy Your First 10 Guitar Lessons Learn how to play guitar

Multi Award Winning, Guitarist, Performer and Songwriter - 50,000+ Students, Sandi Millar Lesson Pros

Learn the basic concepts and building blocks that you will need to get started on the guitar.

Why take from this gal?

My passion is inspiring others to feel more confident in themselves and
their playing. I feel like music can do that. After years of performing and teaching all over the US. at workshops, out of my home and through multiple schools, I was asked by many of my students to make videos of my lessons. So here is the result.

I hope you will join me on the inside of this course where you will learn the building blocks to get started on guitar.

Building a strong foundation:

Learn the elements of the guitar
Learn the names of your strings
You will learn finger warm ups
Learn your major chords
Hammer-on, Bend, Pull-offs and Slides
Learn your 1st three songs
Learn how to tune your guitar
Learn Happy Birthday
Understand your Chromatic Scale and how to apply it to your guitar
Learn a basic Finger Roll
Bonus Lessons:

Learn Gm Pentatonic Scale
Learn G Major Scale
Plus a lot more
Who is the target audience for this course?

Anyone just starting on guitar
Anyone who wants to play guitar for enjoyment
Anyone who wants to be a performer or a musician
Great for anyone who wants to be a songwriter. Learning to play the guitar will be a great instrument for helping you with your songs
Other Courses:

Check out our other courses when you get a chance. My husband Chuck Millar teaches too

Thanks for taking the time to look at this course. I look forward to teaching you how to become a better guitar picker.

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