Udemy 3 step formula for playing guitar

Udemy 3 step formula for playing guitar

I discovered something astounding today while searching for beginner guitar videos on YouTube. Almost all the videos teach you chords. What ever happened to picking out melodies on the guitar?

I have been teaching guitar for decades. Some people are able to quickly play chords. Most other people have a very hard time playing chords.

The guitar has much more to offer than chords. You can play melodies on it.

If you're just starting out, it's a good idea to learn as many melodies as chords in order to be a well rounded guitar player.

This course will give you an introduction on how you can use your ears to turn your guitar into an extension of your voice. All the great guitarists in history have done this. You can do it too. Get started by learning super simple melodies and transposing them into different keys using only your guitar and your ears to guide you. This is called playing by ear.

Click "Take this course" and learn the three step formula you need to implement in order to start playing by ear.

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