Udemy Rythem guitar

Udemy Rythem guitar

This is a course for all beginners to pro who likes to play rhythm guitar for fun or a carrier in guitar as a music artist it will be explained in how I do it been taught by schooling and books and even perform live on the net from about the time computers came out in the market I can teach how schools teach but I have an even better and fun way of practicing and learning to play guitar in Rhythm this is the beginners level and both the schools way and my method will be taught here There will be ear training and how to read and play with chords of music sheets and about turnaround chord progressions there will be other courses also done in higher levels soon after this course remember I am a pro performer one-man-band solo artist and one of the best so you be learning from the best.

You be learning in this course about training the ear you be learning rhythms and chords you be working with turnaround chords a way taught simple ones you get the go on guitar. this method will teach you to play most songs as long as you practice the keys and know the lyrics to each song or your own writing song(s)

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