JTC Guitar Igor Paspalj Into The Blue EP

JTC Guitar Igor Paspalj Into The Blue EP

Igor Paspalj's 'Into the Blue' is a snapshot of his musical world. A balance of “in the moment” shredding and from-the-heart improvisation. Choose the Deluxe edition for the EP along with four backings, five playthroughs and complete tab/notation.

Into the Blue brings together five tracks that span the musical spectrum and show off both Igor's compositional and improvisational sides. This is your chance to learn every track and to nail the licks of a player who is renowned for astounding.

Into the Blue
See how Igor bends and morphs a melodic motif to create a title track and EP opener packed with “wow” moments. With the skilful use of dynamics, he gently builds through the intro, then hits you over and over again with blazing arpeggios. The song may fade, but the soloing could go on forever.

Tokyo Heat
The song where Igor forgot his pick but remembered his roots. Using a Kotzen-style approach, and inspired by traditional Balkan music, this song is something different. A dance vibe, some chunky riffs and a massive dollop of tapping.

Igor Paspalj in his epic home. A see-saw of shred and huge melodies in a ballad-style track that's lyrical, packed with space to improvise and features a memorable hook that keeps on changing.

Passengers from the Past
Following in the footsteps of JTC alumni, Jack Thammarat and Vinai T, this is an uplifting toe-tapper with plenty of whammy, huge open chords to shred over and fast shredded fills. Lock in that whammy bar as it's going to get a workout.

Above The Stars
The “epilogue” of the EP. A stripped-back acoustic piece that shows Igor's softer side. It's cinematic, it's melodic and it's a wonderful story that takes place through the medium of six steel strings.

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