Udemy Fingerpicking Ukulele

Udemy Fingerpicking Ukulele

If you already know how to play chords on the ukulele but are bored with just using strumming patterns to your songs and need to progress to something a little bit more challenging but also very rewarding then this Fingerpicking Course is perfect for you and you will take your playing to another level.

Each section of this course is carefully structured to teach you all you need to know about fingerpicking techniques for the ukulele. Once learnt, you will have so much fun using these fingerpicking patterns to play all your favourite songs.

The course consists of video lessons which demonstrate how to play each pattern then a song using the pattern which you can play along with. To accomplish the course there will be PDF files for you to download and refer to of all the songs used in the course, and chord charts, and tablature sheets .

Once you have completed the course you will need to practice the techniques and try them out on any songs of your choosing. Above all the course will give you new skills and increase your enjoyment of playing your ukulele.

What you'll learn

You will understand how to read tablature for the ukulele
You will learn ten different Fingerpicking patterns
You will be able to accompany yourself or others singing using the fingerpicking styles on this course
You will be able to apply the patterns to any song you choose

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