Udemy Bass guitar supplemental lessons

Udemy Bass guitar supplemental lessons

Are you ready to take your bass playing to the next level?

Then these lessons are exactly what you need! We offer a complete package with 123 videos covering all the essential and advanced topics every bassist should know:

These lessons are not aimed at beginners but rather aim to fill the "gaps" that might exist in the early years of playing the electric bass.

- Scales and Phrasing: Learn to play scales and incorporate them into your playing.

-Chords: Learn to play chords and integrate them into your performance.

-Various Exercises: Warm-ups, speed exercises, and more.

-Slap Technique: Get familiar with the slap technique and add a new dimension to your playing.

-Fitness: Keep your hands in shape with special exercises for endurance and flexibility.

Don't miss the opportunity to acquire these valuable lessons and improve your bass skills.

The videos are available immediately, and you can watch them at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

The lessons are in English.

Unlock your musical potential with the bass! Dive into deep, rich tones and versatile rhythms. Whether you're a beginner or refining your skills, embrace the journey of creativity and expression. Master the bass and elevate your musical journey today!

What you'll learn:

Fitness exercises for Bass Guitar
Learn the basic slap techniques
Ideas and ways of study chords and scales
Harmony and other bass exercises

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