Groove3 Studio One: Chord Track Explained

Groove3 Studio One: Chord Track Explained

Calling all Studio One users! Have you ever wondered what the Chord Track is and how to use it? Well, Eli Krantzberg has you covered. In this Studio One video course, Eli shows you everything you need to know (and more!) about this impressive tool and how it can greatly benefit your productions in many ways. By the end of this Studio One Chord Track course, you'll be ready to start using it in your very next song, whether it's for the time-saving aspects, creative possibilities, or anything else. These Chord Track videos are designed for new Studio One users.

Eli welcomes you and then jumps right in, showing you three different ways of setting the key signature of your song, which is a requirement for using the Chord Track properly. Then you'll explore several different ways of adding chords into the Chord Track, such as manually adding them, chord detection (having S1 automatically detect the chords using other audio or instrument tracks), or using a MIDI keyboard to play them.

Next, you'll see how to use the Chord Track to generate MIDI note events on an instrument track, which can be a huge timesaver when a simple harmonic bed is all that's necessary. Eli then demonstrates all the useful features available in the Chord Inspector. Other topics include editing in the Chord Track (using the right-click menu), follow chords modes (having MIDI tracks or audio follow the chord progression outlined in the Chord Track), songwriting (using the Chord Track to help generate ideas), the Scratch Track (using it in conjunction with the Chord Track), and more!

If you've not used the chord track before, this course will make it clear what you've been missing! It's one of Studio One's many incredible tools that can save time and do some light lifting for you while you concentrate on other things that need your attention. Check out the individual Studio One Chord Track video tutorial descriptions for more information on how this feature can transform your workflow. Don't neglect it any longer... Watch "Studio One: Chord Track Explained®"

What You Will Learn:

-Various methods for setting the key signature of your song and entering chords into the Chord Track

-How to edit elements of the Chord Track using the right-click menu

-Generating MIDI note events on an instrument track from the Chord Track

-Using the Follow Chords modes to force audio or MIDI tracks to follow the chord progression in the Chord Track

-And much more!

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