JTC Guitar Lari Basilio Creating Riffs And Melodies Masterclass

JTC Guitar Lari Basilio Creating Riffs And Melodies Masterclass

Embrace Lari's personal approach to creating powerful riffs and flourishing melodies in this insightful Masterclass. Covering areas such as melody writing and alternative tunings, Lari will help take your playing and songwriting to new heights.

Lari Basilio is a masterful guitar player whose no-rules approach to songwriting has helped her to craft a highly expressive and elegant playing style.

For this inspiring Masterclass, Lari has created four stunning songs with the goal of providing some key takeaways for you to apply to your own songwriting and playing.

Breaking down every riff and lick, Lari takes you through her own process of generating powerful riffs and melodies - covering areas such as melody writing, developing your playing, what a riff really is and alternative tunings.

Including videos and audio for all of the exercises, riff and solo examples, there are also four full track performances, a detailed PDF guide in both English and Portuguese, plus two backing tracks with complete tab and notation.

Take your creativity to new heights with this Masterclass and see how applying Lari's approaches to riffs and melodies will make you a better songwriter and player.

"When the world measures success in dollars, remember that the true value of your artistry transcends monetary wealth. Keep playing from the heart."

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