Udemy Compose Music With Artificial Intelligence 2024

Udemy Compose Music With Artificial Intelligence 2024

Education Compose Music With Artificial Intelligence-GenAIPrepared in 3 Sections and 26 Titles Part One Compose Music with Artificial Intelligence1-Introduction2-Is There A Need to Use the Premium Version3-Do You Own the Copyrights-Can You Sell the Works4-Is There a Time Limit for Using the Free Version?

Part Two Compose Music with Artificial Intelligence Workspace5-Which Artificial Intelligence Application To Use6-How To Compose Music With Chatgpt7-How To Compose Music On Different Themes8-How To Compose Music In Different Languages9-How To Compose Music Through An Artificial Intelligence Program10-How To Prepare Music With Ready Lyrics Using Artificial Intelligence11-How To Compose Different Styles of Music12-How To Make Cover Music13-You Are Not The Copyright Holder Of Cover Music14-You Are Not The Copyright Holder Of Cover Music15-How To Make Music Without Words-Instrumental Music16-How to Download Created Music Artworks17-Business Models-Spotify, Itunes Music Sales Realization18-Business Models-Selling On Premium Websites19-Business Models-Youtube Content IdeasPart ThreeProduced Music Work Samples20-English Music Examples21-Music for Corporate Companies in English22-Turkish Music Examples23-French Music Examples24-German Music Examples25-Music for Corporate Companies in Turkish26-Instrumental Music ExamplesOur training has been planned and prepared within the scope of the above sectionsCompose Music With Artificial Intelligence-GenAI Our Training is PreparedWe wish success to all our participating students.Edu MY Atacbala Group

What you'll learn

Business Models with Artificial Intelligence
Content Generation with Artificial Intelligence
Active or Passive Income Generation Systems with Artificial Intelligence
Prompt Engineering
Prompt Engineering for Music Production with Artificial Intelligence
Business Models that can be Made by Artificial Intelligence Music Production

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