Udemy Making Ambient Music in Bitwig Studio

Udemy Making Ambient Music in Bitwig Studio

Hey there! In this course, I'll teach you how to create ambient music in Bitwig from scratch, showcasing the incredible variety of tools it offers.

We'll alternate between lessons on fundamental concepts of Bitwig Studio, music theory, music production, and writing a demo track.

I will give you a quick overview of the software and then start out by creating a palette of sounds for us to work with, introducing you to some of Bitwigs synthesizers and effects.

I'll then get you up to speed on some music theory basics, to help you follow the process of using this palette of sounds to compose and arrange our piece of music.

I'll then explain all the main spatial effects, reverbs, delays & convolution in bitwig to you, because creating a space and athmosphere is a very important part of the ambient genre.

I'll show you how i use these effects to glue my tracks together and make them exist in one coherent universe.

I'll then start the mixing process, first balancing and equalizing all tracks and then getting into some more esoteric concepts like creative mixing with Bitwig's spectral suite.

To finish it all off we'll master the track by making sure it's overall spectrum is balanced and its levels are controlled and up to competitive loudness for release on a streaming service like spotify.

The song you hear in the trailer will be created from start to finish during this course.

We'll dive into sound design, modulation, FX processing, music theory, composition, arrangement, mixing, and mastering—covering the entire process with all the exciting buzzwords!

Of course you can follow this course in any daw of your choosing, but that might make it less suitable to total beginners. But if you're up for a challenge, go for it!

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