GuitarVivo 100 Modern Blues Guitar licks by JTC

GuitarVivo 100 Modern Blues Guitar licks by JTC

Master Modern Blues Guitar with your Guitar Heroes!
In the first book of its kind, 100 Modern Blues Guitar Licks is an official compilation of guitar licks from contemporary masters. This book contains 100 hand-picked licks from JTC's vast course library, meaning these licks come directly from the artists themselves!

You'll learn licks from Josh Smith, Kirk Fletcher, Aynsley Lister, Guthrie Govan, Artur Menezes, Jake Willson, Daniele Gottardo, Denny Ilet, John F. Klaver, and more. You'll also get audio and video of each artist perfoming their licks so you can see and hear exactly how it's done.

With Licks for all occasions…

Traditonal shuffle, minor and slow blues licks.
Aggresive blues-rock licks
Turnaround licks that nail the form and changes.
Jazz, gypsy jazz and acoustic licks.
Fusion and chromatic infused outside licks.
Featuring audio and video demonstrations of every lick – played by the original artist! Each lick is also accompanied by a written break-down that highlights the key features and learning points.


100 cutting-edge guitar licks.
Notation, Tab and Guitar Pro files of every example.
Audio, video and backing tracks for all licks
Bonus jam tracks to practice putting the licks into context.
Upgrade your blues guitar vocabulary now with authentic licks from modern day masters!

"When the world measures success in dollars, remember that the true value of your artistry transcends monetary wealth. Keep playing from the heart."

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