JTC Guitar Baris Benice 20 Tapped Out Riffs

JTC Guitar Baris Benice 20 Tapped Out Riffs

Submit to the way of tapping with 20 riffs and two mammoth tracks that will rethink how you approach the skill. Test your abilities and embrace new creative approaches.

Baris Benice drops 20 riffs all using the testing skill of tapping. In a marriage of lead and rhythm guitar, he helps you create something unique.

The Lamb of God-inspired “Ground Shake” and mind-boggling “The Mind Map” are broken down into their component riffs, ready for you to put back together. Zoom in on the details with the slow versions, and dig even deeper with Baris' in-depth notes.

Also features tab/notation for each riff and bonus transcriptions for the example solo over “The Mind Map”. Want to breathe new life into your riffs? This is it.

What will I learn?

In this release, Baris shows you how to use tapping in a context away from shredded arpeggios. You will learn how to connect these ideas, giving you a solid grounding for your compositions.

Precision is a signature of metal and tapping is no different. Every riff has been designed to test your accuracy along with, your muting ability, your dynamics and how to position your hands across the neck.

With additional odd-time challenges, a focus on Phyrgian and a Drop D rethink thrown into the mix, 20 Tapped Out Riffs is a springboard for new ideas.

What theory is covered?

Natural Minor
Phrygian Dominant Scale
Drop Tuning

What techniques are covered?

Tapping (duh)
Pull off
String skipping

Who's it for?

If you can tap, this is for you. Take the technique and forge a new path of creativity that will elevate your compositions. Riffs are getting a facelift.

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