JTC Roy Ziv Hexatonic Scale Masterclass: Box Set

JTC Roy Ziv Hexatonic Scale Masterclass: Box Set

Roy Ziv unveils the true magic behind the intriguing Hexatonic scale, taking you from 'Day One' to 'Hexatonic Hero'. This three-part box set gives players of all abilities fresh concepts to inspire creative new ideas. Let's shake up your soloing!

Transform your soloing with one more note. Take the classic pentatonic scale and breathe new life into your lines across three in-depth Masterclasses. A multi-level deep-dive into a world that's packed with colour.

What if you could transform your soloing and vastly expand your current lick vocabulary with just one note? Shaking things up really can be that simple. In this complete Masterclass box set, Roy Ziv gives you a detailed walkthrough of how adding the Hexatonic scale to your guitar playing tool kit can transform how you play.

Through three comprehensive volumes, each with in-depth PDF study guides, Roy unveils the true magic behind this intriguing scale as he takes you from 'Day One' to 'Hexatonic Hero'. Players of all abilities will benefit from this material, learning fresh concepts that will inspire creative new ideas in your own playing. Your everyday soloing is about to be shaken up for the better!

This three-part Masterclass series covers an extensive list of topics. Here's a run-down of each volume:


You'll learn about Hexatonic concepts and positions of the scales, linking the shapes together, finding and emphasising the target note, breaking out of the box with single strings, developing and building motion using sequences and patterns and finally, finding triads and 7th arpeggios.


You'll learn how to add the blues note to each of the 5 scale positions and reconstruct the scale into 2 notes per string. You'll utilise sequencing and learn how to find the highly useful arpeggios built into each of the scale shapes.


Here's where you'll take things further. You'll add chromatic notes and take the scale through 3 note per string shapes. In this section, you'll also tackle extending arpeggios, advanced sweep picking and more.

Including over 100 exercises, 50 licks, 20 solo licks and 3 full solos, all with video, audio and tab/notation, you'll get everything you'll need to study and master the vast subject of the Hexatonic scale. We've even included 6 backing tracks for you to practise and perfect the material, providing the perfect backdrop for musical discovery.

Whether you're a beginner or an advanced player, the Hexatonic scale can transform your playing with a plethora of fresh ideas. Studying Roy's Hexatonic Masterclass will make you a better player and help you unleash more of your musical potential.

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