Groove3 Sound Design with Ableton Live Meld Synth

Groove3 Sound Design with Ableton Live Meld Synth

Join veteran Groove3 instructor Thomas Cochran for an Ableton Live Meld Synth sound design video course! In this Meld Synth course, you'll learn how to build various synth patches - from pads and leads to basses and more - using nothing but Meld, but you'll also learn valuable sound design skills that can be applied to other synths as well. By the end of this Meld Synth video course, you'll feel confident enough with Meld to make it one of your go-to instruments for any production. These Meld Synth videos are designed for Ableton Live Meld Synth users.

Thomas begins the course by showing you how to build a dynamic FM bass stab patch, which is a quick process in Meld, as it's well within the instrument's wheelhouse. Thomas then guides you through the process of creating an 808 patch from scratch, demonstrating how you can enhance it with various effects tailored to the specific track. You'll also learn how to craft a modern-sounding growl bass and apply subtle ambience to help it sit better in the mix.

Next, you'll explore the process of pad-building using the Swarm waveform in Meld, aided by the helpful scale awareness features in Ableton. Thomas then demonstrates how to make a textured pluck lead with the Chirp waveform and highlights the effectiveness of layering several simple waveforms to build more complex sounds. To round out the course, he shows how to create an FX sweep sound from scratch, which functions nicely as a transitional element in many arrangements.

With the knowledge gained in this Ableton Live Meld Synth course, you'll soon realize just how powerful Meld is and how many uses it has in your workflow. Whether you need thick, rich basses, squelching leads, smooth pads, or more, you'll feel ready to tackle it by the end of the lesson. Check out the individual Meld Synth sound design video tutorial descriptions for more information on everything that's covered. Before you reach for that shiny new synth, learn what you can do with what you already have... Watch "Sound Design with Abelton Live Meld Synth" today!

What You Will Learn:

-How to create several different bass patches, including an FM stab bass, an 808 sound, and a modern growl bass

-Creating lush pads with the Swarm waveform and the scale awareness feature

-Building a plucky lead synth via the Chirp waveform

-Tips on layering sounds, enhancing with effects, using ambience to help an instrument sit better in the mix, etc.

-And more!

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