Groove3 Softube Monoment Bass Explained

Groove3 Softube Monoment Bass Explained

Get the lowdown on this new VI from Softube! Electronic music guru Thomas Cochran takes you on an in-depth Monoment Bass video course, outlining every parameter and feature along the way so you can see and hear everything this powerhouse can do. You'll also see how to create sounds from scratch, so you'll know exactly how to craft the perfect sound for your next track. By the end of this Monoment course, you'll know your way around the instrument backwards and forwards and will be ready to start using it right away. These Monoment Bass videos are designed for new users.

Thomas begins by welcoming you and providing a quick overview of the synth and its basic capabilities and uses. He also outlines the interface and covers the preset menu, showing you how to select, organize, and save presets. Then it's on to the Source section, where you select two different waveforms to combine, which are then blended via the Mixer section to form the basis of your patch.

Next up are the Filter and LFO sections. Thomas shows you how you can carve away frequencies and sculpt the tone with the filter while adding movement and interest with the LFO. There's more to come over the rest of the course, including the Tone section (for adjusting attack/release, adding grit/noise, etc.), Effects section (adding various effects like distortion, EQ, compression, ambience, etc.), and more. Thomas wraps up the course by designing two classic patches from scratch - bass and lead - so you can see and hear exactly how it's done.

For a one-stop modern bass shop - from throbbing sub-bass to plucky stabs and more - Monoment Bass is where it's at. This Monoment course is the best way to quickly get intimately familiar with all the controls and features available so you can take full advantage of all it has to offer. Check out the individual Monoment Bass video tutorial descriptions for more information on its capabilities and ways in which you can make use of it in your own tracks and productions. Learn how to dial in the perfect low end now... Watch "Softube Monoment Bass Explained®" today!

What You Will Learn:

-Interface layout and preset menu tips for saving, recalling, and organizing your own presets

-Choosing two different source waveforms, adding detuning, and blending via the Source Mix knob to create the basic sound

-Sculpting the sound via the filter and adding movement and variation with the LFO

-Enhancing the patch with effects like distortion, EQ, multi-band compression, ambience, etc.

-And more!

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