Udemy Ravel'S 'Asie' Polyrhythm Step-By-Step Guide

Udemy Ravel'S 'Asie' Polyrhythm Step-By-Step Guide

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sloppiness of polyrhythms, unsure of how to count them correctly, and constantly falling into an avoidance pattern when faced with them? It's time to break free from uncertainty and gain the confidence you need to master polyrhythms with ease.

Hi, I'm Jamie, a vocal and choir coach, as well as an aspiring orchestral conductor.

Join me in this transformative course where I'll guide you through mastering complex rhythms in Ravel's "Asie." We'll start with Figure 13 from the orchestral scores sourced from IMSLP, using it as an example in the first section. As the course unfolds, we'll delve into five additional sections, each exploring different aspects of the piece. You'll need a metronome and a device for recording and playback to fully engage with the course material.

Course Highlights:
Access downloadable course materials, including links to digital archives, music score practice copies and guide copies, exercises, and guide recordings.
Follow step-by-step video lessons that break down each concept in detail.
Participate in practice sessions focused on mastering metric modulation for a comprehensive understanding.

End Goal:
By the end of this course, you'll not only be proficient in counting polyrhythms but also equipped to confidently tackle challenging pieces like "Asie," "L'Indifférent," and "La Flûte Enchantée," expanding your musical repertoire and gaining the creative freedom to express yourself fully.

Unlock the secrets of polyrhythms with our comprehensive PRIMA Framework. Enroll today and embark on a musical journey that will elevate your skills and confidence as a singer!

What you'll learn
You'll learn the mathematical aspects of Ravel's 'Sheherazade' song cycle.
You'll learn about the concepts of numerators and denominators in polyrhythm.
You'll put polyrhythm coordination theory into practice.
You'll learn how to integrate lyrics seamlessly into polyrhythmic structures.
You'll gain the ability to swiftly make mental adjustments and adapt to various rhythmic layers and new tonics with ease.

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