JTC Guitar Hero Ballads II

JTC Guitar Hero Ballads II

Guitar Hero Ballads 2 is an emotive, expressive and darn-right impressive collection of 14 tracks featuring 14 highly talented players from our artist roster, providing you with hours of ballad bliss and endless inspiration!

A Masterful Collection.
Thought we were done at GHBI? Not a chance. Dig into 14 more ballads from a range of JTC artists.

'Every Guitar Hero Needs a Ballad'. Those were the famous words that sparked the original best selling JTC Guitar Hero Ballads original album in 2015.

Two years later and with an ever growing roster of incredible virtuoso artists from around the globe, we're super proud to bring you the follow up album 'JTC Guitar Hero Ballads 2'! This emotive, expressive and darn-right impressive collection of tracks features 14 highly talented players from our artist roster, leaving you with an album that you'll return to time and time again! Each artist gives their take on what makes the ultimate ballad track, mixing lines that will bring out every emotion, delivered with their own artistic twist. From huge orchestral compositions with rip roaring solos to eclectic laid back approaches you will have it all!

Gracing the inspirational soundscape of the 14 ballad tracks (in order of appearance) you'll hear the likes of Jake Willson, Jan Cyrka, Al Joseph, Claudio Pietronik, Gianluca Ferro, Brian Maillard, Roy Ziv, Mateus Asato, Mika Tyyska, Lari Basilio, Jack Thammarat, Dave Lockwood, Kit Tang and Chris Mike! That's over an hours worth of non-stop ballad bliss, from some of the greatest guitar players around!

The 'album only' version comes with all 14 tracks and a copy of the JTC Guitar Hero Ballads 2 artwork. By selecting the 'Album Special' version you'll also get 14 high-quality bonus videos of each one of the artists performing their awe-inspiring ballad track for you to enjoy! If you're a collector of physical CD's then you're in luck! You can pick up a physical copy by clicking here!

Finally, if you somehow missed the memo about the original JTC Guitar Hero Ballads release (where have you been!) we have a special treat in the form of a boxset offering, containing the Album Deluxe version of GHB1 (featuring 11 tracks, full backings, full TAB/Notation and 5 videos), as well as the Album Special version of GHB2 (which comes with the 14 video performances too!). If you want to check out the boxset version click here!

So if you're a follower of JTC, a fan of ballads, or just can't get enough of one/all of the incredible players involved in this album, then this is must-have for your record collection!

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