Udemy Introduction To Jazz Piano: Learn Jazz Piano/Keyboard Piano

Udemy Introduction To Jazz Piano: Learn Jazz Piano/Keyboard Piano

Are you someone who is looking to learn jazz piano? Look no further! This comprehensive course will take you through the basics of jazz piano and jazz keyboard, including essential techniques, chords, scales, with the primary focus introducing the art of Jazz ballad style piano playing. Whether you're a pianist or keyboard player, this introduction to jazz piano will set you on the right path to mastering the art of playing and understanding jazz with creativity and confidence. Start your musical journey today an let W.I.S.E (Willie's Instructional School of Education) help you reach your musical goals!

Time to jazz up your piano skills! This Is Piano For All!

What will students learn in this course:

Learn How To Play And Understand Jazz Ballad Piano
Understand The Key Concepts How To Read Music, Play, and Understand Common Jazz 7th Chord Symbols (Nomenclature/Music Theory)
Learn Two-Hand 4-Part Voicing's To Start Playing Beautiful Ballad Jazz Piano
Understand How To Approach A Melody and Music Harmony, and Follow and Read A Jazz Lead Sheet
Build Confidence In How To Use Chords To Construct Jazz Harmony To Accompany A Melody
Students Will Learn To Implement Their Creativity Playing Songs, and Playing the Piano or Keyboard with Confidence

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Practice Makes Progress!

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