Studio Stripped-Down Songwriting with H.E.R

Studio Stripped-Down Songwriting with H.E.R

Write two songs with H.E.R.
Learn to tell your story through music from the master of soulful songwriting. During this 30-day class, follow H.E.R.’s process for turning personal experiences into universally relatable hits as she writes two new original songs in front of you. You’ll create two songs of your own inspired by your life. No instruments required - just bring your story and your voice.

The real creative process, on demand
Access the pre-recorded videos at any time and learn from H.E.R. as she writes two original songs from scratch

Learn by doing
Create two personal, relatable songs of your own with guided assignments that help you write from the heart

Create alongside peers
Share work, give feedback, and connect with about 20 others taking the class alongside you

H.E.R.’s class covers:

Turning Your Story Into Songs
Writing Authentic Lyrics
Finding Inspiration in Everyday Conversations
Creating Catchy Melodies
Keeping It Simple
Making Personal Lyrics Relatable
Chord Progressions to Set the Tone
Incorporating Wordplay
Elevating Vocals with Riffs, Runs, and Dynamics
Building Out Song Arrangements
Riffs, Runs, and Vocal Dynamics
Performing Songs Live

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