Groove3 Sound Design with Ableton Live Roar Distortion

Groove3 Sound Design with Ableton Live Roar Distortion

Join Ableton Live expert Thomas Cochran for a fun, engaging look at sound design options using the Roar distortion plug-in from Live. From drums and percussion to basses, pads, and more, you'll learn all kinds of creative techniques that can turn "meh" sounds into "What the hell was that!?" sounds. You'll also be fostering the crucial skill of thinking outside the box, which can be applied to many other aspects of music production when in search of your next secret sonic weapon. These Roar Distortion video tutorials are designed for new Ableton Live Roar Distortion users.

After welcoming you to the course, Thomas kicks things off with some ideas for shaping drums with Roar by applying it as a frequency shaper to the drum bus, resulting in a thicker tone with greater punch. You'll also see how the multi-band mode can be used to shape an 808 sound in unique ways to help set it apart from the other droves of typical 808 sounds out there.

Next, check out some awesome ideas for a distorted stab bass sound by manipulating the feedback control to add some delay-fueled ambience. This is followed by an exploration of modulated, distorted synth pads combined with reverb for a myriad of sound possibilities. Got a stale percussion loop? Learn how to make it solely your own by blending the modulation and multi-band modes on Roar. Finally, you'll see how an entire mix can be shaped with the mid and side modes, resulting in increased stereo imaging and added texture.

Don't settle for the same old, boring, lifeless tracks. With this course, you'll quickly learn how to unlock Roar's secret potential to transform your sounds into something that will get people's attention in a big way. By the time you're through, you'll be well on your way to building a custom library of sounds for many productions to come! Check out the individual Sound Design with Roar video tutorial descriptions for more information and inspiration. New sonic horizons await ahead... Watch "Sound Design with Ableton Live Roar Distortion" today!

What You Will Learn:

-How to create thicker, punchier drums by using Roar as a frequency shaper on the main drum bus

-Processing an 808 sound with the multi-band mode for radical timbres and tones

-Creating nasty stab bass sounds by manipulating the feedback parameter combined with a creative delay for increased ambience

-Combining distortion, complex modulation, and reverb for striking evolving pad sounds

-And more!

Plug-ins used:

Ableton Live 12 Suite Required




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