MixWithTheMasters Teo Halm producing 'Evergreen' by Omar Apollo

MixWithTheMasters Teo Halm producing 'Evergreen' by Omar Apollo

Inspired by timeless songs from Motown and Daptone, Teo Halm set out to produce a modern record with an old soul. Explore the making of this elegant ballad and learn how to transform a rough demo into a finished hit single using vintage hardware and next-generation software.

To demonstrate his creative process, Teo bounces back and forth between his DAW and a series of archival video clips from the studio sessions. This footage allows you to get closer to the magic and learn more about the live recording process as it happened. He expands on his creative process, offering insight into mic selection, placement and processing, as well as the musical direction that took place in the heat of the moment.

These lush live recordings are then run through an Ampex tape machine before arriving in Ableton, where Teo brings it all together to create a future classic that will remain fresh for years to come.

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