Groove3 Lead Architect Explained

Groove3 Lead Architect Explained

Studio One's new instrument, Lead Architect (available in Studio One+ only), is an impressive sonic tool that aims to get you great sounds fast, but with the ability to go deep with tweaking if you desire. In this Lead Architect video course, Studio One expert Eli Krantzberg will take you through the VI from the ground up, showing you everything from preset-scrolling all the way down to complex modulation routing and everything in between. By the time you're done with this Lead Architect course, you'll be ready to start using Lead Architect confidently and creatively on your very next track. These Lead Architect videos are for new Lead Architect users.

Eli kicks things off with an overview of the instrument's interface and basic structure, so you'll have a good idea from the beginning about what does what, including selecting and saving presets and more. You'll then see how to customize the various parts that make up a preset and store them as well. Next, it's on to the Arpeggiator, where you'll learn how to quickly generate interesting rhythmic sequences from held chords using the intuitive controls.

This is followed by a look at the Repeater, a fun, addictive tool that can create rhythmic patterns from incoming sequenced notes with individually adjustable velocity, pitch, and gate offsets. You'll then get a look at the built-in reverb and delay effects, including how to send different amounts to the three different sonic components in Lead Architect.

Through the rest of the course, you'll learn about all the other features, such as the LFOs (for adding modulation via the modulation matrix), amp envelope (shaping notes over time and adding other modulation options), filter, additional part settings (coarse tuning, different modes, etc.), part effects (modulation, bit crusher, distortion, EQ, etc.), and more! Then follow along as Eli works through five sound design tutorials (Pulsing Bass, Moving Keys, Melodic Power Pluck, Arp & Sustain, and Melodic Glide) so you can see how it's done before giving a final playthrough of the track created.

Studio One+ users are sure to enjoy the power and versatility of Lead Architect, and this Lead Architect course is the best way to gain full command of all its formidable sonic possibilities quickly. Check out the individual Lead Architect video tutorial descriptions for more; you're likely to find a whole host of ways in which you'll want to work this instrument into your productions. And if you'd like to get started ASAP, watch "Lead Architect Explained®" now!

What You Will Learn:

-Interface layout and instrument structure

-How to select, tweak, and save presets on a global or per-part basis

-Generating dynamic, exciting rhythmic patterns and sequences with the Arpeggiator and Repeater

-Adding depth and character to the sound via the filter, LFOs, envelopes, and effects

-And much more!

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