Groove3 bx_XL V2 Explained

Groove3 bx_XL V2 Explained

If you're struggling to get your songs to compete with ones you hear on the radio in terms of loudness and punch, then the bx_XL V2 from Brainworx has got your back. In this bx_XL V2 course, veteran Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe will show you everything you need to know in order to produce phenomenal-sounding masters that will stand up to anything out there. Whether it's taming some low-end issues, increasing the stereo spread, or boosting the mid-content, it's all here! By the end of this bx_XL V2 video course, you'll be ready to put this impressive tool to work for you right away and say goodbye to dull, anemic mixes for good! These bx_XL V2 videos are designed for new bx_XL V2 users.

Larry begins by welcoming you and covering the different areas of the interface, so you'll know where everything is located once we dig in. You'll also get a quick overview of the basic workflow suggested for the bx_XL V2. Then it's on to the Input section, where you'll see how to set the levels and balance, followed by a look at the Crossover and Monomaker controls, which allow you to dial in a solid low end on your track.

Next, you'll get into the heart of the plug with the Mid Lo, Mid High, and Side sections, each of which allows for custom processing on specific areas of your mix, ensuring a well-rounded, punchy result. Larry then demonstrates the XL feature and the pleasing, rich saturation it imparts.

There's plenty more, including the Master section (global control of XL saturation, attack/release times, etc.), Solo options (for listening only to designated areas of the mix), Summing Amp Gain and Peak Limiter (ensuring no clipping occurs no matter how hard you push things), meters and tool bar (visual feedback of processing and undo/redo/preset comparison capabilities, respectively), Sidechain section (for creative applications, etc.), and more! The course concludes with Larry putting the plug through its paces on two different real-world mastering scenarios, allowing you to see and hear how it works.

There's no need to struggle any longer with weak-sounding mixes. With this bx_XL V2 course, you'll see exactly how to achieve pro-level results with bx_XL V2, which will make you proud to share your tracks with anyone. Check out the individual bx_XL V2 video tutorial descriptions for more information and ideas on how this plug-in can transform your mixes in a significant way quickly and easily. Learn how to compete with the big dogs... Watch "bx_XL V2" today!

What You Will Learn:

-How to set the appropriate input level and balance as a starting point before processing for best results

-Using Monomaker and Crossover controls to establish a full, powerful low end in mono

-How to tweak the Mid Lo, Mid High, and Side sections to create a well-rounded, punchy sound that ticks all the boxes

-Setting up quick presets for comparison of different processing choices

-And more!

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