Groove3 Vocal Colors Explained

Groove3 Vocal Colors Explained

Native Instruments' Vocal Colors offers some truly unique sound design opportunities, and with this Vocal Colors video course, production expert Larry Holcombe will get you up to speed quickly. From expansive, ever-evolving drones to rhythmically charged, otherworldly soundscapes and more, you'll learn how to create countless inspiring tones for your own productions in no time and have fun doing it. We designed these Vocal Colors videos for novice Vocal Colors users.

Larry welcomes you to the course and starts off by familiarizing you with the layout of the interface, so you're fully prepared to dig in and get your feet wet. You'll then learn about the two Layers available, which contain a wealth of raw sounds you can combine and blend to form the basis of your patch. Then it's on to the Tone pane, where you'll find controls for many parameters, such as formants, tuning, vibrato, tone, and more.

Explore the MOD FX pane next, where you'll have access to a number of built-in effects that can be modulated to take your sounds to another sonic place altogether. The Channel FX is covered next, including useful tools like EQ, compression, reverb, and delay. There's more to come in the rest of the course, such as the Layers Motion pane (LFO and various sequences), Particles tab (creating clusters around the root note for ethereal effects and more), Arpeggiator (for melodic and rhythmic sequences, creating chords, etc.), Global tab (master effects and more), Modulation (additional sources, including the main expression knob), and more! Larry concludes the course with a sound design tutorial, showcasing the creation of a sound from the ground up.

If you're wanting to do more than simply scroll through presets with Vocal Colors and you'd like to take advantage of all the incredible sonic tools at your disposal and create some truly inimitable textures and sounds, this Vocal Colors course is simply the easiest and fastest way to get there. From raw sounds to effects, modulation, MIDI control, and more, it's all here. Check out the individual Vocal Colors video tutorial descriptions for more information on everything this instrument can do and how to use it in your own tracks. Open up a world of sonic possibilities... Watch "Vocal Colors Explained®" today!

What You Will Learn:

-Selecting and tweaking raw sounds from the Layers tabs and blending them to create a unique texture

-Using the Tone pane to vary the formant, tuning, tone, vibrato, and other characteristics of your sound

-Adding modulatable effects to the sounds via the Mod FX pane

-Creating clusters of notes around the root note with the Particles tab and dynamic, melodic sequences with the Arpeggiator

-And much more

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