Groove3 Pianoverse Explained

Groove3 Pianoverse Explained

Join veteran Groove3 instructor Eli Krantzberg for a thorough look at IK Multimedia's amazing new virtual instrument, Pianoverse. This one-stop-shop for any piano sound achieves not only breathtaking realism but also includes plenty of features that allow enormous creative potential for sound design. You'll learn all the features and parameters in this Pianoverse course, so you'll be ready to dial in any sound you can imagine when your track needs that extra special touch. These Pianoverse videos are designed for new Pianoverse users.

Eli begins by showing you detailed instructions for installing the instrument with IK Multimedia's Product Manager app and follows up with a brief tour of the interface, so you'll know where everything is located starting out. You'll then learn how to operate Pianoverse in standalone mode, as well as how to use the browser to select, save, and recall presets. This is followed by a demonstration of how to assign various parameters to be controlled by your MIDI keyboard for real-time expression.

Next, you'll explore the Master Control Strip, where you'll find some basic, broad-stroke controls for tonal shaping, tuning, and more. Then it's on to the Model Control Strip, which gives you control over the piano's physical elements as well as some synth-style filtering, among other things. Other topics include Spaces (30 virtual acoustical environments for the piano models ranging from top-tier concert halls all the way to floating on an iceberg!), Mix Panel (mic selection and balance, EQ, compression, etc.), Effects Panel (12 different effects to select from), and more!

If you've got a track that needs piano, you can't do much better than Pianoverse. With this course, you'll learn all you need to know about using this incredible instrument - from the basic parameters to advanced modulation and more - to its fullest quickly and easily. In fact, by the end of the course, you'll be ready to start using it on your very next track with confidence and ease. Check out the individual Pianoverse video tutorial descriptions for more information on how this VST can lend unparalleled realism to your productions and compositions. There's a world waiting to be explored... Watch "Pianoverse Explained®" now!

What You Will Learn:

-Installation procedure and interface layout

-How to select between various piano models and 30 different virtual environment "Spaces"

-Tweaking the raw sound to perfection by adjusting mic models, virtual physical attributes (lid open or close, etc.), and more

-Adding effects, modulation, and shaping the sound with two ASDR envelopes and LFOs

-And more!

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