Udemy Game Audio Essentials: SFX & Sound Design For Video Games

Udemy Game Audio Essentials: SFX & Sound Design For Video Games

​Ready to turn the dial up on your game's audio?

Whether you’re tired of browsing lacklustre sound libraries or just itching to put your signature spin on game soundtracks, we’ve got just the adventure for you!

Dive into the world of foley and audio processing without needing a PhD in sound engineering. We’re talking about getting down with DIY sounds that will have your games bursting with originality.

Ever wondered how to make a punch sound like it could actually knock out a dragon? Or a sword clash that sends shivers down players' spines? We’ll show you the ropes, from capturing the raw sounds to mixing them into ear-catching effects. And yes, we’re doing lasers and jetpacks too—because who doesn’t love a good sci-fi vibe?

No more confusion about compressors, EQs, and reverbs. We break down audio effects in a way that won’t break your brain. It’s all about making it fun and easy to learn, with plenty of hands-on projects to get your sounds from the studio to the screen.

And because we know you want to see your creations in action, we’ll walk you through integrating these sounds into popular game engines (Unreal, Unity & Godot). It’s one thing to make a cool sound; it’s another to hear it live in the environment it was made for.

You don’t need fancy gear to jump into this course. We’ll provide all the sound recordings from our lessons for you to use in your games, and we'll show you where to snag more online.

But hey, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and make your own, all you need is your phone!

You’ll get full lifetime access for a single one-off fee. The creators are qualified and experienced with modelling and coding, so are able to explain complex concepts clearly, as well as entertain along the way.

And you’ll get access to the Q&A where our Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Community are ready to help answer your questions and cheer on your success.

So, are you ready to be the maestro of your game’s auditory realm? Let’s make some noise and bring your digital worlds to life with sounds that are uniquely yours. Trust us, your games are about to sound incredible!

What you'll learn:

Learn to create a custom punch sound effect using professional foley recording techniques, ready for integration into game engines.
Develop skills in audio mixing and effects processing to produce realistic sword sound effects for game environments.
Design seamless looping sounds for dynamic game elements, such as jetpacks, enhancing continuous gameplay.
Acquire techniques for generating engaging laser sounds using creative audio effects suitable for sci-fi games.
Gain proficiency in implementing and testing custom sounds within various game engines, ensuring compatibility and quality.
Master essential audio processing tools to manipulate sound properties and achieve desired auditory effects.
Explore innovative methods to record and transform everyday sounds into compelling audio assets for games.
Enhance your audio design capabilities, enabling you to create distinctive and memorable soundscapes for your gaming projects.

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