SkillShare The Ableton Backing Track Course for Drummers

SkillShare The Ableton Backing Track Course for Drummers

I've been running backing tracks on live gigs for years in pretty much all the different ways you can think to do so. From phones, iPads, QLab, MainStage, all the way through to full Ableton rigs.

With all of that information, I've compiled it into this Ableton backing track course, taking you through which version to buy, how to import audio, all the way through to MIDI control, sample automation and the hardware needed to run all the tracks live.

This is an incredibly dense subject and by no means is this everything (which is SO exciting!). Ableton projects are individual to you and how you use them, so please take all of this information and apply it to your own projects. Make sure to search further and improve your Ableton rigs as much as possible with experimentation and if I can help, please send me a message!

I look forwards to building an Ableton backing track rig with you!

Project Instructions
Once you've downloaded your version of Ableton, download the given stems in Chapter 3. Import them following the instructions throughout the chapter and then label them with the instructions throughout Chapter 4.

Once you've got a fully labeled track, screenshot the project and post your progress here on Skillshare! I want to see how you've labeled up your tracks. Then, tell me how you're going to use the backing track rig in your own project and how I can help. I can't wait to see them!

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