Udemy The Complete Roadmap To Building Your Home

Udemy The Complete Roadmap To Building Your Home

In this course I cover everything from wires and cables to audio interfaces and plug-ins

What you'll learn

Determine what computer is a good fit for Your studio
Fully understand what a Digital Audio Workstation(D.A.W.) is
Identify what Microphone would best suit Your studio needs
The ability to build Your own Studio Acoustic Panels from scratch


No skills or knowledge is required for this course just the determination to learn


This is a course for beginners who need assistance on what to buy so they can start their career as a Audio Engineer. Also with no prior knowledge of the audio equipment. You will find yourself spending unnecessary money and waisting time, this course is designed to help eliminate that problem. As a bonus I will also teach you how to save yourself some serious cash by showing you how to build your own studio panels from scratch. When it comes to buying studio gear it can be very difficult to know where to start. In this course you will be provided with a clear understanding from start to finish on which tools to use on this never ending journey. Now everything that I will discuss is based of my own experience and knowledge of the audio equipment that I either own or have previously worked with. Im not a paid sponsor so all of my choices is strictly what has worked for me. My reasoning for creating this course was because I noticed that everyone wants to show you how to mix and record, but no one wants to show you what to buy or even how to properly utilize the equipment.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction (Computers)

Section 2: Studio Bundles

Lecture 2 Studio Bundles

Section 3: Software

Lecture 3 Software

Section 4: Midi Controllers

Lecture 4 Midi Controllers

Section 5: Audio Interfaces

Lecture 5 Audio Interfaces

Section 6: Wires & Cables

Lecture 6 Wires & Cables

Section 7: Studio Monitors

Lecture 7 Studio Monitors

Section 8: Headphones

Lecture 8 Headphones

Section 9: Microphones

Lecture 9 Microphones

Section 10: Studio Hardware

Lecture 10 Studio Hardware

Section 11: D.A.W. Plug-Ins

Lecture 11 D.A.W. Plug-ins

Section 12: Acoustics

Lecture 12 Acoustics

Section 13: Studio Panels

Lecture 13 How to build studio panels

If your a beginner this course is for you. This course is designed to equip you with the know how on what to buy as a New Audio Engineer

Published: 4/2024
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