Udemy Michael Dulaney Songwriting Secrets Behind My #1 Hits

Udemy Michael Dulaney Songwriting Secrets Behind My #1 Hits

Michael Dulaney is a Grammy nominated American songwriter with over 25 years of success. Having lived in and been a part of the music community in New York, Los Angeles, and Nashville his songwriting is diverse and well developed. He has had songs recorded by almost every big-name act in Country Music. Jason Aldean, Faith Hill, Blake Shelton, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Chesney, Reba McEntire is only the short list of artists who have recorded his songs.

What you will learn from MICHAEL DULANEY...

Learn the craft of songwriting from a time tested professional with over 25 years of songwriting success in the Country, Pop, and Rock genres.
Find out the secrets behind his seven #1 hits.
Understand the different styles of songs and how to write them accordingly.
How to think your title through before you start.
Why emotion is so important to a song and how to apply it.
When and why to walk away from your song to make it better.
What “furniture” is in lyrics and why they are so important tot he listener.
Why it’s important to believe in your song when no one else will.
Learn to write songs by yourself whether you finish them or bring them in to cowering situations.

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