Groove3 Schema Light Explained

Groove3 Schema Light Explained

Native Instruments is well-known for creating unique, inspiring virtual instruments, and Schema: Light certainly continues this tradition. In this Schema: Light video course, veteran Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe walks you through the instrument, teaching you all the parameters and controls, and demonstrating how to create transcendent soundscapes that are perfect for adding depth to electronic productions, film/game scores, and more. These Schema: Light videos are designed for new Schema: Light users.

Larry starts by providing an overview of the plugin and guiding you through the interface, ensuring you quickly grasp the basics and can begin creating sounds right away. He covers the pattern presets after that and discusses the Layers tab, where you can choose the various sounds you can combine in the sequencer. You'll then learn about the Slices tab, where you're able to create different arpeggio sequences of varied length and note order.

Next, explore the Cutoff panel and see how you have access to various types of filters for tonally shaping your sequences, along with the resonance and slur controls, which allow you to smooth over filter transitions and more. There's plenty more to come, including Decay, Volume, and Pitch panels (for creating all types of loop modulation), Playback and Sends (for affecting the tempo/direction of loop and adding effects, respectively), Mixer page (for various routing and panning applications), FX page (covering all the included effects in Schema: Light), key mapping (assigning notes on a MIDI keyboard to different functions, such as selecting loops, changing playback direction, etc.), Key and Scale (to make sure your loops stay in your chosen key), and more! Larry finishes up the course with two sound design tutorials, so you can see how it's done in real time.

If you're looking for new inspiration and a whole new world of sounds, Schema: Light is definitely for you, and this Schema: Light course is the best way to quickly master everything it has to offer. From ambient soundscapes to rhythmically charged dynamic sequences, you'll learn it all. Check out the individual Schema: Light video tutorial descriptions for more information and ideas on how you can use Schema: Light in your own productions. Don't lie alone in the dark... Watch "Schema: Light Explained®" today!

What You Will Learn:

-Interface layout and basic plugin architecture

-Choosing several different sounds and patterns to combine in your sequences with the Layers tab

-Shaping the sound of your sequences with different filters and various modulation possibilities

-Adding various effects to put the final polish on your patterns

-And much more!

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