Dragon Finger Drums: Master Course

Dragon Finger Drums: Master Course

Get All The Secrets Of Advanced Finger Drumming In One Course.

Are you a finger drummer that has already learned the basics and wants to keep building your skills? Have you been scouring the internet for advanced finger drumming lessons? Do you want to go beyond the beginner stuff and learn high-level skills?

Once you've mastered the basics, you'll find there's literally NOWHERE you can go to learn advanced techniques. If you want to learn things like: Ghost Notes, Complex Grooves & Rhythms or Ultra-Fast Drum Fills, Then you need an advanced lesson plan.

I spent 10 years honing my skills, and packed all my advanced knowledge into the Finger Drumming Master Course. This one course contains literally everything I know about advanced finger drumming.

Module 1: Rhythm
* The secret to perfect timing (WITHOUT counting or using a metronome!)
* How to find and control the pulse of any song
* How to easily feel rhythm without any external cues
* 3 levels of highly effective metronome exercises

Module 2: Rudiments
* Why rudiments are easy, and why most finger drummers don't understand how to use them
* The trick to learning rudiments without repeating boring drills
* 5 essential rudiments that can be used in infinite ways
* Unique finger drumming rudiments designed especially for playing the pads

Module 3: Dynamics
* How to control your power for ghost notes & accent hits
* What most people get wrong when they try to learn dynamics
* Pad setup secrets for the most accurate and realistic dynamics possible
* How ghost notes are actually much easier than you think (and how you can blow people's minds with them!)

Module 4: Speed
* How you can double your speed instantly
* The secret to playing insanely fast and making it look easy
* Speed tricks that sound really impressive, but are super easy to pull off
* The crucial difference between fast tempos and fast hits

Module 5: Time
* Mastery of triplet grooves & straight grooves
* Simple tricks to develop a strong understanding of time
* How to control the groove and play complex rhythmic modulations
* 4 essential time signatures (and how to master any time signature with ease!)

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