SkillShare Make a Beat in FL Studio Programming Drum Patterns

SkillShare Make a Beat in FL Studio Programming Drum Patterns

Since developing a passion for music production, Isaac Duarte, also known as IBEENART, has dedicated his career to helping aspiring music producers elevate their craft and change their lives with his music production tutorials. With over 40K followers on Instagram and 25K subscribers on YouTube, Isaac has crafted an online community of other producers looking to learn from him and his decade of experience in the music industry. You might’ve heard Isaac’s productions in video games or in mixed tapes, where he is known for his attention-grabbing, high-quality beats.

This four-part series brings together everything Isaac has learned as a full-time digital music producer and taught as content creator in the music space. In this class, Isaac shares how to make a really good drum pattern, choose high quality sounds, find good rhythms, and add hi hat rolls to hot spots.

With Isaac as your teacher, you’ll:

Start the foundation of your your beat by creating your own hi-hat pattern
Explore classic snare sounds, snare rolls and claps, and accent snares
Create your own 808 and kick patterns
Develop movement and texture using percussion

Plus, you’ll get access to Isaac’s final piece and the sounds and tools he used to put it together.

Whether you already have a general understanding of producing with drums or you’re looking to get into more advanced techniques like finding the right pocket for your snares and hi hat patterns, this class will reveal how to get creative with your drum patterns and choose the right sounds for your productions.

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